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“Jim was a lifesaver when my Amazon account got suspended. His knowledge of Amazon policies and guidelines amazed me. I was at a loss of exactly what to say in the plan of action for reinstatement.  Jim knew exactly what to do and prepared an amazing plan within 24 hours.  I was reinstated and now business is better than ever.”


Lori McVey, McMinnville, TN

Plans of Action - Suspended Amazon Seller Accounts Reinstatement Service -  24/7/365

181 Reinstatements and Counting

Account and ASIN Complaints ~

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Experience and background in E-commerce and law:

Our attorneys have vast experience in every area that can affect or impact any Amazon seller.  This includes decades of experience assisting Fortune® 500 corporations with worldwide operations in over 50 countries.  Nationally and internationally we’ve worked with 10’s of thousands of products marketed on and off Amazon and with every issue related such as, but not limited to trade dress, domain, trademark, copyright, regulatory compliance,  pay per click advertising, website optimization, anti-counterfeiting/infringement, customs and more.  We firmly believe that we can resolve any issue.

Working with all kinds of cases we’ve built up the knowledge and experience as to what Amazon expects in successfully resolving seller suspensions.  Every situation is different and requires variation in methods.  We do our best.  Obviously, we can’t guarantee a result.  However, we are very confident in our skill and ability to get your seller account restored.  We use tried and true methods and think out of the box as needed.  We look forward to serving you.

We're highly experienced in creating successful Amazon seller plans of action such as, but not limited to:  Selling Used As New, Trademark Infringement, Copyright Infringement, Patent Infringement, Not As Advertised or Wrong Item, Inauthentic, Associated or Duplicate Account, Rights Owner Notice Complaint, Prohibited or Restricted Item, Negative Feedback, Review Manipulation, Product Suspension, Late Shipping Rate, Etc., Etc.  We get it!  We also know that competitors are sometimes behind complaints.  Rights Holders: Need a Cease & Desist Letter or Copyright Counter Notification Letter?

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